The Twin Dragons (1992)
Reviewed by: hokazak on 1999-12-09
Jackie Chan does his own "Double Impact" thing, only better! He plays twin brothers who were separated at birth - one raised by an upper middle class family to be an accomplished concert pianist and orchestra conductor, and the other (raised by a working class mother) becomes an accomplished street fighter and works in an auto plant. The conductor can't fight or handle himself in Triad affairs, and the auto worker can't conduct a symphony orchestra, so naturally they meet up - as adults - and find themselves having to switch places and "wing it" in the other's shoes. Fortunately, they have a bit of a "psychic link" which makes each occasionally able to "experience" what the other is going through, both on a sensory and on a physical level. (When one Jackie is going through an action packed speedboat chase, the other is sitting in a restaurant, jerking around inexplicably, and feeling seasick!) Amusing situations abound, when the two brothers, each on the brink of beginning new relationships with extremely eligible young women (Maggie Cheung and Nina Li Chi), find themselves switching places so often that it becomes unclear who will end up with whom... The comedy is well played in the first part of the movie, but action scenes are what dominate the final sequences, including a final confrontation with some Triad boys in an automobile testing facility... Overall, definitely a satisfying film - but not one of the few most memorable Jackie Chan productions. (Some dangerous stuntwork with cars in this one!)