The Miracle Fighters (1982)
Reviewed by: Gaijin84 on 2009-03-15
Summary: Great Yuen clan fun...
The Miracle Fighters is a very enjoyable Yuen clan film that lives up everything their name entails. The whole family is involved in some capacity, even to the point of including patriarch Simon Yuen memorialized in his classic Drunken Master character at an altar. The comedy is broad, but well done for the most part. One of the best parts is a short fight that involves Yuen Yat-Choh in a "Dorf on Golf"-like getup adeptly fighting Yuen Shun-Yi. The fact that the Yuen's were even able to make the choreography of this fight look exciting is a tribute to their expertise. Another excellent scene is the entire sorceror competition and the tests that competitors must complete to advance. There are some very original (and wacky) concepts presented, but they are all exciting. The biggest revelation to me was seeing Leung Kar-Yan in a comedic role. Usually he's dealing someone a harsh beating, but in this he is really excellent as a cantankerous sorceror always bickering with this next door neighbor. Although it tends to drag just a little bit in some parts, The Miracle Fighters is a very entertaining movie. Any fan of the Yuens will not be disappointed.

Reviewer Score: 8