Hex (1980)
Reviewed by: Gaijin84 on 2009-04-24
Summary: Well done horror film, if not totally original..
The Chan family was a wealthy clan once, but hard times have fallen on them. Yeung Chun Yu (Wong Yung) has married the remaining daughter (Tanny Tien), but is determined to make her life miserable. She is already wasting away due to tuberculosis and he does nothing to aid her, instead drinking and whoring about town. Soon, a young maid (Chan Si-Gaai) arrives and vows to help Chan Sau Ying (Tanny) get through her illness. Together they conspire to kill Yeung and move on with their lives. During a rainy night they put their plan into action, but all does not turn out the way they expect.

Shame on me for not having seen Diabolique, the movie that I assume this movie borrows its plot from, but I went in to seeing this with no prior knowledge about what was going to happen. The entire film is shot in a very small area, so you get a feel of claustrophobia and tightness that adds to the tension. There is also a fair amount of cheesy gore and some downright shocking scenes (see Hon Gwok-Choi). The first plot twist caught me by surprise and the subsequent story definitely kept me interested. Wong Yung is sufficiently evil and you really root for him to get what he deserves and Chan Si-Gaai (from my experience usually regulated to supporting roles) does a great job of pulling the viewer in and then twisting it around. Except for the previously mentioned prolonged erotic/possessed dance scene, which is 6 minutes and 23 seconds of a incredible-bodied woman dancing and rolling in ashes and blood, the movie really has no slow parts. Worth a viewing!

Reviewer Score: 7