Horror Holiday (1983)
Reviewed by: Gaijin84 on 2009-05-02
Summary: Horrible and poorly executed...
Not worth a full review, Four Wolves is a very low budget and poorly made action film starring John Cheung as a traveler to Thailand who gets embroiled in a secret exchange of film. Along with a detective (Dorian Tan), he is eventually confronted by the thugs and dispatches them in various ways before heading back to Hong Kong. While in Thailand, his girlfriend (Sibelle Hu) is murdered and he picks up a new girl before leaving. There are almost no substantial fight scenes in the film and any that do exist are pretty bad and don't even utilize Tan's best asset, his legs. Cheung is also a nasty lead character who slaps around his wife and generally looks bored and sour the whole time. There is also a stereotypically offensive portrayal of a gay assassin in the group of "four wolves." About as bad as it gets, including the blatant and unlicensed use of John Williams' "Star Wars" music thoughout most of the film.

Reviewer Score: 1