Police Story (1985)
Reviewed by: Gaijin84 on 2009-05-23
Summary: Let's go for 30!
Not that we don't have enough reviews for this classic already, but some things that struck me when watching it again. The cars through the shanty town is one of the most insane scenes I've ever seen on celluloid. If you just watch the stuntmen diving off of collapsing buildings and narrowly being killed by the careening cars, you get a real sense of how dangerous and groundbreaking this movie was. Jackie really set a new level for stunts. It's also great to see an actress like Brigitte Lin mixing it up with the boys and doing most of her own stunts as well. In the outtakes, you can really see the command that Jackie had over the set while filming. He seems very sure and headstrong in his direction, reminding me a lot of how Bruce Lee looked on set when directing the action in Game of Death. There are some slow parts in Police Story, but overall a great action film.

Reviewer Score: 9