The Damned (1977)
Reviewed by: Gaijin84 on 2009-05-24
Summary: Should have been much better...
The Damned is a kung fu movie that boasts and all-star cast, but fails to live up to expectations that one may have going into it based on the participants. The plot is certainly a step away from the more generic revenge-themed films, but plot alone does not make a good kung fu flick. The fights are quite lackluster, and only are raised beyond mediocre a couple of times throughout. Child star Lin Hsiao-hu is skilled, but employs an overabundance of Bruce Lee-type howels that start to become incredibly annoying. Ko Fei vs Don Wong is certainly the highlight, but it is too short and the choreography is a little derivative and unoriginal. Angela Mao is not involved fight-wise until her showdown with Lo Lieh using spinning blades on her feet, a nice innovation but used too late. The ending is very unexpected and overly violent, but again it seemed that the action directors saved everything for the finale, sacrificing the rest of the movie as a result. Based on the big picture, The Damned can't be recommended on 20 minutes of above average action.

Reviewer Score: 5