Boys Are Easy (1993)
Reviewed by: hokazak on 1999-12-09
Enjoyable comedy with an great all-star cast. Richard Ng plays the father of 3 lovely daughters (Bridgette Lin, Maggie Cheung, Chingmy Yau) who fears that they will remain unmarried for too long if he doesn't do something about it, so he fakes a terminal illness in order to get them to accede to his "dying wish" that they will all bring their "boyfriends" to have dinner with him. Fortunately, all three of the daughters - very independent professional women, all! - have recently encountered an "interesting" young man who is amenable to being convinced (through various means) to play the role of "boyfriend" for an evening... All three of the daughters are great: Lin Ching Hsia is very stylishly cross-dressed in her role as an overachieving gung-ho butch cop who gets paired with a femme-ish gigolo - played hilariously by Leung Ka Fai; Maggie is the "girl-next-door" social worker who changes her image in order to win over her triad errand-boy love interest, Jacky Cheung, and becomes a super-tough riot-grrrl triad babe for a day; and Chingmy Yau is the doctor who gleefully impersonates a down-on-her-luck prostitute in order to get to know the 27 year old, goody-two-shoes virgin whom she is interested in.