The Black Morning Glory (1993)
Reviewed by: hokazak on 1999-12-09
Michelle Lee plays a fashion designer who discovers herboyfriend is involved in a counterfeiting ring around the same time that one of the counterfeiters is killed by a female assassin on a motorcycle who bears a striking resemblance to her.... Turns out the two women grew up together, and as little girls both used to play with the same boy, who is now a lawyer vacationing back in the little town where they all grew up. Trouble stalks Michelle's two characters, after a crucial piece of counterfeiting equipment falls into one of their hands. The action reaches its climax in the small coastal town where they grew up, as various pieces of the past comes back to haunt... Pretty good drama, and Michelle Lee in assassin-mode is fun to watch. Not necessarily for those who require constant fighting action, though.