Good Times, Bed Times (2003)
Reviewed by: ewaffle on 2009-08-01
Summary: Avoid
If “Good Times, Bed Times” were half as long it wouldn’t be any better but it would only be half as bad as the bloated 106 minute travesty that we saw. A sex comedy that it neither funny nor sexy with four characters who aren’t developed and who exist only for the actors playing them to do their typical star turns, it has very little to recommend it.

Lau Ching-Wan is fine and shows he can shine under even the worst of circumstances, which this poorly directed and barely scripted mess is. He is a wonderful artist and an exceptionally talented comic actor. You miss him when he is not onscreen in this movie. Sammi Cheng does her usual comedy bits: confused, cute, determined, or all three, and gets to drag a mattress through the rain. Her act works if you like her which I do although her continued starring roles in movies like this and “Fighting for Love” don’t make it easy to remain a fan. Charlene Choi is so effervescent and cloying that one wants to smother her with a pillow to shut her up. She played Tabby so young and goofy that Judge Raymond would have seemed guilty of pedophilia One hopes that whatever Louis Koo uses to keep his skin the color of a Sunkist orange is not harmful. The lovely Nikki Chow and sexy Pinky Cheung show up in very brief throwaway roles.

Watching this movie seemed to take as long as sitting through an uncut “Greed”. There was no real connection between the couples, issues concerning the characters were raised and then not again referred to and most the cinematography consisted of pointing a camera at people who were standing around talking. Cameras appeared in the hands of the characters throughout “Good Times, Bed Times” and the director might have been trying to make a point about how seeing something in the press makes it seem more real than in real life but probably not—maybe there was just a good product placement deal with some camera manufacturers.
Reviewer Score: 3