The Mad Monk (1993)
Reviewed by: kiliansabre on 2010-03-20
Summary: Not good
It took me a long while to find this film. I hold Stephen Chow's films in the highest regard with a few exceptions. Unfortunately, this is one of the exceptions. I find it a bit interesting that this movie was written by Sandy Shaw Lai-King who wrote the recent Chow movie CJ7 which might explain the uneven pacing of that movie as well. There are a few good comedy bits in this movie, but not many and most of the comedy here fails. There is also an ackwordly bad balance between the comedy and the super natural scenes.

If you are a hard core Stephen Chow fan and are seeking this out, nothing wrong with that. Just don't expect God of Cookery or Shaolin Soccer. This is a far cry from those days. If you come in thinking of this as a lesser Chow vehicle you probably won't be disappointed and might enjoy it more than I did after all of the anticipation.