King of Beggars (1992)
Reviewed by: kiliansabre on 2010-03-20
Summary: King even as a beggar
King of Beggars plot and character development wise I would put in the same catergory as God of Cookery and Kung Fu Hustle. That is the story follows the protagonist from his high point, to his fall, to his rise again. This is on my list of better Stephen Chow films, but it is not perfect. He was still perfecting his style here and though this is a good indication of things to come, it's still a bit rough. The comedy here is on par - the contests at the beginning is hilarious and typical Chow humor. For me, the main thing that detracted from this was the Kung Fu. This movie is rooted in the fantasy kung fu genre so the fight scenes are a lot of flying around and people kicking and punching in outfits that rustle in the wind. The last fight scene using sleeping fist is a lot of fun. For fans of Stephen Chow or just good comedies in general.