We're Going to Eat You (1980)
Reviewed by: ewaffle on 2010-07-18
Summary: If you are going to see just one cannibal movie...
...it shouldn't be "We're Going to Eat You," a not very entertaining mix of hungry cannibals, unfunny humor and decent kung fu. The cannibals--at least the proletariat underlings--are hungry because their megalomaniacal leader keeps most the human flesh for himself and his security force. Eddy Ko was born to play the cannibal leader. He dominates with the force of his personality (and his insanely flashing eyes), keeps the entire population in constant fear and slaps around his captive girlfriend instead of bringing her the hearts she wants. He is almost a match for Agent 999 of the Central Surveillance Bureau --Norman Chu--who is on the trail of master thief Rolex. Since Rolex is the leader's increasingly squeamish executive assistant there is conflict between the cannibals and the cops.

Rolex want to get away but doesn't want to be prosecuted for his thefts, thinking that since he has given up a life of stealing to become the second in command of a gang that murders and eats anyone they can catch that the authorities should give him a pass. Agent 999 doesn't agree. He is a rule-bound cop who goes by the book, even when the book is a cookbook for human organs or is a scholarly text with a dripping hunk of entrails used as a bookmark.

The fights between Chu and Ko are well done, exciting and brutal. They are evenly matched in skill and fitness and are well served by the action choreography and editing. Most of the rest of the action is of the milling around and falling down school. A little of that goes a long way and there is quite a bit of it.

The DVD we watched was from the Media Blasters Tokyo Shock line showed all the care and precision that one has come to expect from that company. A couple of scenes were chopped before they were finished, there were major color shifts and at least one scene was left out entirely. None of this impaired out enjoyment of "We're Going to Eat You" since a perfect Criterion transfer with frame by frame corrections would make this any better a movie.

Recommended for those who want the complete works of Tsui Hark or who want to see Eddy Ko act like a tinhorn dictator in a surplus RAF jacket, complete with campaign ribbons.