Shaolin Vs Evil Dead (2004)
Reviewed by: Gaijin84 on 2010-09-12
Summary: Not a bad start, hopefully more to come
Another hopping vampire film, but certainly not the worst of its kind. Gordon Liu plays Brother White, a Taoist priest working as a zombie collector/returner to their dead form. His two apprentices, brothers Sun (Jacky Woo) and Fire (Shi Xiao-Hu), are constantly messing things up and making life more difficult for White. After a long fight in a haunted inn, Fire ingests a spirit-laden egg, and it starts to grow within him. Meanwhile, Brother Black (Fan Siu-Wong) and his apprentice (Shannon Yiu) roam the countryside looking for towns to run various scams on. Brother Black has gone to the relative dark side of Taoism, and uses black magic in order to control people and situations. The two Brothers (actual brothers in the film) meet in a town where Black has taken control of the children and battle to a stalemate. Black then goes to find treasure in the town but lets loose the King of Vampires by accident. Fire gives “birth” to his spirit and all must gather together to defeat the King of Vampires before he starts to wreak havoc.

A relatively high-budget film, with lots of wire-work and decent martial arts choreography. The problems lie in the weak comedy and rather convoluted plot which tends to get dense in parts. Although specific to the version I saw, the dubbing is rather weak as well. The “birth” of the spirit “Egg” is also incredibly odd, and unintentionally funny because of the poor kid obviously covered in shaving cream that 10 people must have sitting around putting on him. Most strange is the way the film ends, right in the middle of the climactic battle with the King of Vampires. The closing credits show scenes which I presume are from the sequel, or at least I hope so, considering the abrupt and incomplete ending of this film.

Reviewer Score: 6