Fatal Love (1988)
Reviewed by: j.crawford on 2010-11-07
Summary: tragic love story
In an unusual turn of movie viewing desires, I recently began a personal retrospective of the late Leslie Cheung’s filmography. Fatal Love is one of those Hong Kong movies that was failed by its advertising campaign which made it appear to me to be just another sappy melodrama that they were cranking out during this late 80’s period. I knew some of director Leung Po-Chi earlier work [Hong Kong 1941, Banana Cop], but I wasn’t compelled to see this.

Fast forward 20 plus years, some things have a different appeal to me now; filtered through that peculiar prism of existence. Sappy melodramas make me cry; and I like that. I’ve come to appreciate the verve that Melvin Wong brings to many of his roles. His bad guy performance in Fatal Love is over the top enough to make me recommend this tragic love story. The movie has some very cool action sequences helmed by Philip Kwok who also co-stars as evil Melvin’s bodyguard.
Reviewer Score: 6