Dreadnought (1981)
Reviewed by: Gaijin84 on 2010-11-28
Summary: Yuen Clan involved? Sure winner...
Another slam-bang martial arts film from the Yuen clan. Both Yuen Biao and Leung Kar-Yan are in top shape, with Biao showing some incredible acrobatic skills. Yan’s fight with a two-faced attacker in an empty theater is especially innovative and exciting. Kwan Tak-Hing, reprising his legendary role of Wong Fei-Hung, is excellent in his limited scenes, although a stunt double is clearly used for some of his more intense sequences. Even though he starts off with a bang, Yuen Shun-Yi slows a bit during the mid-section of the film, but rekindles the speed and power for his final showdown with Biao. It should be mentioned as well that there are some absolutely incredible lion-dance sequences in this film, especially the northern style lion and its drunken antics. Other than relatively small roles for Phillip Ko and Lily Li, and a strange, not fully-expained style utilized by Biao (two finger toad catching style?), this film is a home run in almost every way.

Reviewer Score: 9