Warriors Two (1978)
Reviewed by: Gaijin84 on 2011-02-13
Summary: A Wing Chun classic...
As has been described by nearly everyone, this is an absolute classic kung fu film from Sammo Hung. Lots of great training scenes and beautifully choreographed fights. Sammo’s first film dealing with Wing Chun, his second being another classic, Prodigal Son. Both deal with Wing Chun master Leung Jan, Warriors Two covering his later life. Both Leung Kar-Yan and Korean Casanova Wong are outstanding, with a special nod towards Leung for his stoic and powerful performance as Jan. Highlights include a host of baddies attacking Jan in a restaurant and the final duel between Hung, Wong and a Mantis-style wielding Fung Hak-On. Wong’s final kick is one of legend and supposedly sent Fung to the hospital for a month afterwards. Highly recommended.

Reviewer Score: 9