Death Ring (1984)
Reviewed by: j.crawford on 2011-04-11
Summary: Lu Feng breaks out
After nearly a decade working as Action Director on many Shaw Studio's movies, action star Lu Feng gets a chance to direct along side of Chang Cheh, the master filmmaker. Master spent the day at the racetrack club while Student handled the shot calling. Death Ring is the very uneven result of this collaboration. Handicapped by a weak script and weak casting, the film tells a story of revenge that crosses two generations. The movie features Chen Kuan-Tai, Ti Lung, and Chan Sing along with Lu Feng in cameo roles. The martial arts scenes are very good and feature an extended Muay Thai boxing sequence.

If you are in the US and use the Netflix DVD service, avoid this title. The almost 10 year old DVD they send you is from Tai Seng and is made from the old Ocean Shores VHS tape. It is full screen and is terribly dubbed into English. [the rating is for the film not the DVD]
Reviewer Score: 5