Sun Dragon (1979)
Reviewed by: Gaijin84 on 2011-07-26
Summary: Run-of-the-mill revenge in the old west...
Sung Shao Chong (Billy Chong) traverses the Arizona desert, helping those in need on the way to meet his old friend Kum (Lam Hak-Ming) in a small western town. Once there, he runs into a group of men who terrorize the town and extort the local businesses. Meanwhile, a trio of three bank robbers need a place to hide until the heat dies down from a recent heist. They pick the home of a black farming family and subsequently kill them, leaving only the severly injured eldest son Tommy (Carl Scott) to escape. Tommy is found by Chong and Kum and is brought to the home of Doctor Ko (Leung Siu-Chung), who heals his injuries. Eventually Tommy learns kung fu from Ko, and sets out for payback. Luckily for Tommy, Chong is also bent on revenge after the bandits hire the local troublemakers and some Japanese samurai to kill him.

Sun Dragon is a pretty typical kung fu revenge flick, slightly setting itself apart with it’s Arizona location and the presence of a bevy of western martial arts practitioners. The film’s credits touts the presence of authentic martial art masters, including “the Leading American Kung Fu Fighter Carl R. Scott” and “New York Kung Fu Instructor Joseph Jennings.” For many of these actors, including Jennings and Louis Neglia (1979 World Kick Boxing Champion), this would be their only foray into Hong Kong films. Billy Chong is very impressive in his fight scenes, with great speed and powerful, flexible kicks. He has a nice jump straight to the shoulders of an opponent, reminiscent of Tony Jaa in Ong Bak. Carl Scott is also excellent, utilizing what appears to be either Leopard or Panther style kung fu to lay waste to his opponents. Some of his fights are a bit under-cranked, but it's not enough to ruin them. Jennings and Neglia are good, but their scenes are very limited, save for some impressive ice block breaking from Neglia.. The third bandit, Ma Chung-Tak, displays very good fighting skills as well, but not to the level of Chong and Scott. Hau Chiu-Sing makes a lightning quick appearance as well, and is woefully underused considering his ability. There are inevitably some slow parts that drag and the strange appearance of a school of Japanese samurai that attack wearing black gis with Tang Sohu embroidered on the back. I guess no typical kung fu flick is complete without kicking some racist Japanese samurai ass. Sun Dragon is unfortunately forgettable save for the leading role of an impressive Carl Scott and the skills of Billy Chong.
Reviewer Score: 6