Police Woman (1973)
Reviewed by: Gaijin84 on 2011-08-13
Summary: Yuen Qiu is the real star, limited Jackie...
Included in many Jackie Chan movie sets, sometimes called “Young Tiger,” this early film from Jackie’s career uses him sparingly, mostly for stunts and fighting, as he portrays the de facto leader of a group of thugs trying to recover incriminating photos for their boss. The stars of the film are really Charlie Chin, whose cab is unknowingly the hiding spot for the photos, and Yuen Qiu, who plays the title “police woman” character. With a rather simple plot, the film is mostly Chin narrowly escaping being beaten up by the thugs until he finally allows Qiu to help him bring down the boss. Qiu is really fun to watch in her limited fights, and probably doesn’t get the recognition she deserves for the ability. She has a nice scene at the training academy that shows off her judo skills and her final fights are fast and fluid. Chin is mostly used as a basher and shows relatively few martial arts skills. For Jackie fans, he does have a couple decent fights, and one near escape from an oncoming car by swiftly climbing the side of a freight car. Shades of his later magnificent stunt ability can be seen, but if you’re watching simply for Chan you’ll most likely be disappointed. He also sports a massive, unsightly mole on his face, presumably that led his character into a life of crime. A less-than-mediocre film at best, slightly elevated by the presence of a young Jackie.
Reviewer Score: 4