I Love Hong Kong (2011)
Reviewed by: evirei on 2011-11-14
After the success of 72 tenants of prosperity, Eric Tsang and TVB artist join forces to create another Chinese New Year movie that rides on the same theme which focuses mainly on emotions, and their love for the country, Hong Kong!

The movie brings back lots of emotions and well as review the major differences on Hong Kong back then, in comparison to the current modern days.

For audiences like me who grew up watching TVB, this movie does mean a lot to me and I could relate to the jokes that's being pointed out, but for international audiences, the movie might not interest or create any impact to them.

Things I really like about this movie is how everyone seems to be so casual and enjoying their role while enjoying the act. I love the subtle jokes as well as memories of the good old days in Hong KOng showbiz... but one thing that irritates me was how they try so hard to hard sell products... especially products endorsed by Eric Tsang.

A good New Year movie, as well as a good movie to stimulate our memories of the good old Hong Kong showbiz days!
Reviewer Score: 6