Chinese Kung Fu (1974)
Reviewed by: Gaijin84 on 2011-12-03
Summary: You've seen it all before...
Chinese Kung Fu is your basic revenge-based kung fu film with typically nationalistic and anti-Japanese overtones. It stars Sek Fung, who doesn’t appear much in bashers but more the lead romantic role in dramas or swordplay films. His kung fu is not terrible, but it’s all relative when you’re dealing with a film such as this where nothing deviates from the expected norm. Cho Kin and Sit Hon reprise their almost type-cast roles as patronly father/kung fu master and dastardly businessman villain/kung fu master. The fights are boring and feature a lot of wild kicks and swinging arms with no real choreography. The editing is incredibly choppy and the pace is hard to follow. There is also a brief shot of frontal nudity that seems a bit out of place. If you’re looking for a sloppy martial arts film that renews your dislike of Japanese, I guess this one is for you.

Reviewer Score: 3