East Meets West (2011)
Reviewed by: evirei on 2011-12-26
" I rather forget someone I love, rather than remember someone I can't love" is probably one of the most memorable quote in this movie. Jeff Lau's romantically stylish version of comedy movie always manage to create a love and hate relationship to its audience. Most of Jeff Lau's movie always starts of really comical but ends with a really emotional and heavy hearted message.

The title for this movie really tells how Jeff really mixes the eastern and the western elements of the movie to bring out such a wonder. I am definately shocked and it still kept me wondering how Jeff got so many talented artist to work in this movie. To make things even better, everyone have their own moment to shine in the movie be it supporting or the main cast.

Jeff Lau has really improve and gives the audiences his best as he includes great artist, visual effects and even great soundtrack. Also, Eason Chan and Karen Mok's love affection is so magnetically strong and is really the center of attention in the movie. The look in their eyes, the wordless moments are just so mesmerizing. But nothing could top how Kenny Bee who acts as himself in the movie.
Reviewer Score: 7