Dragon Fist (1979)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2011-12-29
Summary: Rare treat
The videotape used to broadcast this fu flick on independent TV channel TVS has clearly been around for a long time. Many scenes were effectively blacked-out of very dark. The tape stalled, flicked out, snowed. In short, the experience of unearthing a rare oldie at the video shop where the tape had been thrashed and patiently trying to trawl through it was faithfully reproduced.

The other reviews pretty much nail it. Jackie plays what was to become his signature role, the righteous little guy redressing a wrong done, though here he is forced to switch sides and it is unclear just who are the bad guys, and this leads to unusual nuances.

And it isn’t just Jackie. There is a formidable array of fu talent here, and Jackie’s choregraphy makes very effective use of them. What ever became of Pearl Lin ? This spunky little high kicker made less than a dozen movies, and she acquits herself well in the terrific all-in brawl which is the climactic set-piece. The only disappointment is that the equally spunky Nora Miao stands on the sidelines and plays only the helpless sister.

I’m now on the lookout for this one on DVD where, I hope, I can watch this great fu soapie and see all the action clearly.
Reviewer Score: 8