Speed Angels (2011)
Reviewed by: evirei on 2012-02-03
Summary: Japanese Manga Wannabe
The ladies version of Legend of Speed is here, and it's quite a big let down as the idea sold in the first place and the product being delivered is too huge of a difference.

It's really a big gamble when you place all the famous actor/actress together and not fully utilizing what they have. Which I believe Cecilia, Rene and Tang Wei have so much more in them than just being melodramatic, weak and unreasonable.

And this is just really me being personal, for the longest time speed racing and Japan has always been linked together. Which I pretty much have no idea why Jingle would have to really emphasize. Maybe I got him wrong, maybe he's trying to create his own signature, director who always crossover with japanese/korean actors, but I find the stereotyping a little annoying and forceful, especially the text message Kazuki sent to Rene.

The ratio of melodrama and stunts are of a ratio of 8:1. I mean seriously, what was sold to me was girls and fast cars. But what got back in return was, love triangles, weak minds and jealousy. The peak of the entire movie was during the final race, but most of it is done up by super awful CGs.

It's really a let down considering the potential of the story and the 3 main lead actress that Jingle manage to secure. However, having Jimmy Lin being one of the members of the motor-racing team is the only thing that saves this movie from a horrible death.
Reviewer Score: 4