The Last Blood (1991)
Reviewed by: ewaffle on 2012-02-05
One Singapore cop and one Hong Kong mid-level triad take on scores of heavily armed Japanese Red Army terrorists who have accepted a billion dollar contract to kill the Daka Lama during his trip to the island nation. The Daka Lama and the triad chieftain's girlfriend are wounded in the assassination attempt; they both have the same very rare blood type and there are only three people currently in Singapore Health Ministry database that match it. Red Army assassins have already killed two of them and are minutes away from getting the third when our heroes arrive.

The authorities in Singapore have already been discussing their lack of security manpower due to the coming national holiday--it is left to the viewer to decide if the shortage is because so many personnel will be assigned to holiday duty or if lots of them are going to the events. No matter what the reason the police department wishes the Daka Lama would go somewhere else. So Alan Tam, not credible as a tough cop, and Andy Lau, the same as a publicity shy gangster, have pretty much free reign to stop the Red Army.

A running joke that was funny the first time but not the tenth, is Lui Tai , played by Tam, saying he is occasionally mistaken for the singer.

"The Last Blood" isn't a particularly enjoyable movie: the parts don't fit together very well, the transitions are poorly done and scenes go from slapstick humor to an entire family being slaughtered for no reason necessary to the plot.
Reviewer Score: 3