Magic to Win (2011)
Reviewed by: evirei on 2012-02-12
Summary: Wrong Magical Formula
Wilson Yip and Raymond Wong should take the script in the movie seriously. When the movie tries to potray "Whatever is the past, is the past and will remain as memories, we can never change what has happened in the past". Yes, hence trying to re-work and bring Happy Ghost formula back to life just isn't working fine.

As a strong fans of Happy Ghost, I am quite disappointed in this. The start of the movie was promising and entertaining, but towards second half of the movie, it was pure disappointment and boring. For those who root for their good looking idol, be it Louis Koo, Wu Chun or Wu Jing, you will definately fall in love with the movie as they look ever so good.

The movie dragged on too long and there are many parts of the movie which couldn't piece up together, as example to the elements of the movie, why Louis Koo only give the rock to Wu Chun and the whole idea of returning to the past. Not to mention how some of the cast were really left in the dark and unexplored.

Frankly speaking, I believe this movie could actually stand on its own and would make a great one should it not try too hard to slip in the Happy Ghost elements as I think it seriously got the audiences expecting for more.

As how most of the HK movie receive the same destined death by using too much CGI, Magic to Win is no different. The movie massive use of CG was simply disturbing and fake. Which to date, I still couldn't understand how CG which was initially introduced was to help enhance a movie could do so much damage to the movie once overly used, yet no one really cares. And what's worst in this movie was the reference to Star Wars and the lightsaber fight scene which I personally felt was irrelevant and tastelessly done.

At the end of the day, I guess the saving grace for the movie boils down to a job well done by Karena Ng since this is her first apperances in the film industry as well as a great job in getting all the good looking main actors in the movie. Yes yes, I know, nothing magical but at least something that soothes the eyes.
Reviewer Score: 4