The Super Inframan (1975)
Reviewed by: calros on 2012-03-10
Summary: Inframovie
This movie is worse than the Japanese Sci-Fi TV series from the 60s. It is a show for kids, and that means that the adults will not understand some points of the story and, even worse, they will have nightmares at night. The characterizations of the monsters are cheapy muppets, the F/X are stupid (excepting the sequences of the enlarging of the monsters and the Inframan which are very well done), the set decorations are naive and the action scenes are boring. But the worse thing about this movie is its script: clumsy and too much childish.
I only made a review of this movie because I do not want it be highly scored with an average of 8 points when actually it only deserves an average of 3.
Reviewer Score: 3