Horoscope II: The Woman from Hell (2000)
Reviewed by: wyeeso on 2012-04-11
Summary: Lady, just what the hell do you want?!
[Plot: 1.5/5]
Unlike its prequel "Horoscope I: The Voice from Hell", the plot for "Horoscope II: The Woman from Hell" has nothing to do with angry spirits wanting to take revenge. Instead, this slow-paced film depicts of a malevolent lady named Senna (played by Sophie Ngan) who likes to lure guys to have sex with her, but as soon as she gets dumped, she'll use tame head magic (kinda like voodoo but she uses a potato instead of a doll) on the guys and torture them to death.
Well, that's how the story goes, and that is, if it goes according to the plan. Unfortunately, Jess (played by Pinky Cheung), the wife of Senna's primary prey Simon (played by Simon Yam), ruins the plan after she tries to defeat the devilish Senna. Then, when Jess believes that everything seems to go back to normal, little does she know that she has now become Senna's primary prey. The story eventually leads to a twist within a twist (and I'm willing to give credits to the idea), in which Jess has been set up to kill Simon and her innocent friends for Senna all along. And at the end, poor Jess still has to get haunted by Senna who wouldn't stop harassing her even when she has already taken her "revenge".
Ooo~ scary story? Well, not really. To me, I think Senna is just a psychotic bitch who has nothing better to do than just toying with her preys and haunting them until they go nuts. And I don't really see a good reason for Senna to go that far to harass Jess.
In general, I wish this film could focus on building a much better, complete, entertaining and interesting story on the tame head magic than spending so much time putting characters in bed.

[Actors: 1/5]
I don't expect much good performance coming from both sex-appealing actresses, Pinky Cheung and Sophie Ngan. Their role isn't that challenging, although I'm convinced by Sophie's emotion/expression that her character is a real bitch. And Pinky hardly gives any proper reaction, making her character looks brainless. Oh well, there's no depth in her character anyway so the audiences should only expect some simple emotions from her.
As for Simon Yam, he's a professional actor alright, but I bet he, too, is disappointed with the script and his role. His character seems a little too careless for whatever that's going on around him. It doesn't matter if his friend is dying or if his wife is getting anxious, he's just being indifferent and acts as if nothing happened. Hey, maybe it's not his character, I think Simon just wanna give up acting this pathetic role.

[The Production Crew:]
Cary Cheng has gotta work a lot more than just using a twist within a twist to make the whole story much more interesting and entertaining.
On the other hand, I believe the director, Steve Cheng, is simply aiming to make this film sexually arousing since the audiences frequently find the characters get perverted and have sex. Though, at one point Steve did try to add in some "horror" element into the story by having this not-too-scary-looking kid popping out of nowhere at a funeral in the most casual and random manner, and that's the only part you'll get to see a "ghost" while you scratch your head and wonder what's that for (then later we know a bit about how the protagonists have lost their child earlier, but it's still a bit random to show a "ghost" right at that point).

[Memorable scene(s):]
There's just one scene that made me said "what the heck was that?" before I fell half-asleep, and that's when Jess sees Senna moving into next door, Jess runs all the way to her backyard to grab her bow and arrow, rushes back and aims the arrow at her new neighbor, and finally she blasts out words like: "Who are you? What do you want?"

[Worth Watching A Second Time?]
If you're like me who wanna watch this film because of its prequel, then I suggest you to forget it because this film is nowhere as good as its prequel. In fact, the stories for both films aren't even related.
Also, if you expect to find horror elements in this film, I think you might as well just go find Waldo.
Reviewer Score: 2