Dream Home (2010)
Reviewed by: j.crawford on 2012-06-17
Summary: nice film for cineaste's to enjoy
In this shocking slasher film from writer, director, and co-producer Pang Ho-Cheung, actress and co-producer Josie Ho's Sheung will do anything to own her perfect little dream home; anything. With a mix of cold-hearted determination and homicidal tendencies, she works towards her lofty goal while several others have to pay the price of her outrageous methods. Derek Tsang, Eason Chan, Lawrence Chou, and some other young stars make up a nice supporting cast. This is a nice film for cineaste's to enjoy. “Smartie” Pang seems to have gotten his mojo back, after losing his way from smelling himself too much during his run of success on the international festival circuit.
Reviewer Score: 8