Hero from Beyond the Boundary of Time (1993)
Reviewed by: j.crawford on 2012-06-23
Summary: raucous ribald fantasy.
Hero from Beyond the Boundary of Time [1993] is a ridiculously funny and absolutely raucous ribald fantasy film that stars Tony Leung before he became the darling of Cannes. Actor Leung plays the role of Wai Siu-Bo, a ladies man from the 17th Century Qing Dynasty who travels into the 20th century (via a device H.G. Wells would envy) on a mission to find the perfect virgin bride for his best friend, the sickly Emperor Kang. Once he gets to the future, Siu-Bo finds himself in the mood for love, totally 90's style. The Emperor's palace enemies have also figured out the secret to time travel, sending two kung fu killers into the future to hunt down Wai.

With this film, director Blacky Ko manages to capture the sort of “anything goes” attitude that was so prevalent in Hong Kong in the years just prior to the Handover in 1997. Ko did not sit in the director's chair but only 7 times during his career.
Reviewer Score: 7