The Golden Lotus "Love and Desire" (1991)
Reviewed by: j.crawford on 2012-06-30
Summary: soft-core adult film
From writer-director Li Han-Hsiang, one of the top directors of the Hong Kong movie industry in the 1960's, comes this film based on the banned erotic Chinese novel of the same name. In a no-holds-barred attempt to win one man's devotion, two women embark on a physical and emotional sparring match that only one of them can win. Meanwhile, the despicable man is scheming on the ladies fortunes. Jealously, lust and forbidden love culminate in a devastating, life-altering drama. It is definitely a soft-core adult film, and the acting is dreadful; standard for these types of projects.

What is interesting to note here is that Director Li served as art director and manages to frame many of the sequences in the style of the notorious drawings by using lighting and cinematography to create the effects. The film opens with a short sequence that talks about the “banned” book, how it has been published in many languages and countries around the world, and that this movie is just another interpretation that shows the camera on a Chapman dolly and tracks leading to a huge outdoor set while the director gives instructions to the cast.

Reviewer Score: 4