Sophie's Revenge (2009)
Reviewed by: Gaijin84 on 2012-11-26
Summary: A different turn for Zhang Ziyi...
Comic strip writer Sophie (Zhang Ziyi) gets dumped by her fiance Jeff (Korean star So Ji-Sub) and works with her two friends to exact revenge on his new movie star girlfriend Joanna (Fan Bing-Bing). Along the way she meets a Taiwanese photographer (Peter Ho Yun-Tung) and, after finding out he was coincidentally dumped by Joanna, they decide to work together towards the common goal. As expected, feelings for each other develop and complicate the matter at hand.

Sophie’s Revenge, a Mainland Chinese and South Korean co-production, is a pretty light-hearted comedy that allows Zhang Ziyi to break out of what has seemingly been a string of ice queen type roles. She is decidedly silly and over-the-top in her role and definitely doesn’t take herself too seriously. Her two friends, played well by Ruby Lin Xin-Ru and Yao Chen, provide typically terrible advice and get her in all sorts of trouble in her schemes. So Ji-Sub simply looks perplexed the whole time (he probably doesn’t speak any Chinese) and Peter Ho is harmlessly vanilla. Fan Bing-Bing is funny in her limited scenes. As expected, this can be classified in the romantic comedy category clearly targeting the female audience. It wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t my cup of tea per se. My better half did enjoy it though, if that’s any indication of its success for its intended audience.

Reviewer Score: 6