The Comet Strikes (1971)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2013-04-25
Summary: Who is The Comet ?
Ah, Nora ! One of the great kung fu girls. With a strong cast, wu’xia swordspeople flying and hopping all over the joint, satin silk costumes flashing so bright you need sunglasses, and a haunted house with masked ghosts, who could possibly ask for more ?

There is evidently a lot of plotting going on. The first half is dense with long explanations, but it was very much lost on me, due to the lack of English subtitles. So the first half does rather drag along at times, though still watchable.

Proceedings evidently come to a head about two-thirds of the way through, when good guys happen upon an enormous tub-of-lard in green flowing silks. This is Lo Wai (also the director, writer, producer, presenter – he certainly wasn’t slouching in this picture !), doing a terrific impression of Orson Welles (except there were no flying leaps and swordfights in Citizen Kane). If there is a titular Comet, Lo is probably it. He bounces and flies around with the best of them, actually doing a sterling job of fighting the entire bunch of good guys.

More surprising still, Lo Wai does a fair amount of his own fighting. That is, he faces the camera much of the time, proving that, in those scenes at least, he wasn’t doubled.

Overall, a blast !
Reviewer Score: 7