My Kung Fu Sweetheart (2006)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2013-05-25
Summary: Delightful gory nonsense
This is one a select list of HK movies (including God Of Gamblers Return and the Chinese Ghost Story trilogy) which I think of as addiction teasers. That is, as an introduction to HK cinema likely to lead to addiction.

I completely disagree with mrblue here. When Wong Jing fires, he excels, and he certainly does with MKFS. Even the obvious sloppiness (in the production, the choreography, the hammy overacting) only adds to the charm and the manic hilarious pacing. Loosen up and enjoy the wild ride.

How can you resist a movie with lines like these .....
"You're dead. Stop massaging me."
"We're friends to the end. My underwear is yours."

Wong Jing is a "boots-and-all" director. He throws everything at you, sometimes all at once, going all-out to entertain at a cracking pace. Formulaic ? Definitely. And he's so damn good at it.

Just one sour note. I would perhaps have rated MKFS a point higher if there had not been so much pointless smoking. Dolina smoking in the bath is at least in character, but I really can't accept the couple in the final frames smoking, when they didn't in the rest of the movie.
Reviewer Score: 8