Purple Darts (1969)
Reviewed by: heinz Germany on 2013-07-10
Summary: Wang Ling is not suited for Vengeance
She looks very cute - even like not realy adult.. But she can't express hate or revenge..
It's good to see young Tung Li (Kang Hua) one of my favourite underrated Shaw Stars (underused by Chang Cheh in ROAS and King Eagle) as a noble young filial son who falls in love with his sworn death enemy. Noted his typical face expression (but without moustache it looks less convincing). He was so great as hunchback in Fingers of Doom where he outshines the other more prominent villainous actors.....

The fighting action is very poor and having Pan Lei as director is no good things in terms of action scenes but maybe well suited for drama - which isn't that much here...

It is obviosly not the favorite genre of Pan Lei ... The Villains are not scary at all, and their invincible skills looks very poor up to ridiciliously for the main villain the unbeatable "Wind-waving scholar".. (Ou Wei must be a favourite of Pan Lei) who defeats his opponents without touching and ends up "chicken hearted" running away from his final opponents...

Story In short:
An alliance of 4 evil masters (how can "scum" like that achieve such skill? comes always in my mind - Haven't we learned that only through hardship and pure souls pupil can become master lately?) teams up to defeat a clan leader to get his hidden secret skill scripture (How they share it lately if get it?)
They wipe out a whole village to have no witness except a baby girl who is saved and raised by a pasing monk. Some 16-18 (?) years later - (2 minutes in the movie though) she is a deadly swords"woman" (or girl) able to go for revenge after the 4 villains and their followers (Which not realy aged at all). Soon after her first part of the killing list (written by her mom with her blood - the list did not fade till now) she get tailed by the first killed villains son (Tung Li) who has sworn to kill his dad's murder for sure no matter what... Still he is noble enough to let the heroine first finish her own vengeance-mission before making the final showdown attack.
Our heroine is so touched by such noble gesture that she can't help liking him even though she should kill him to root out the evil blood of that clan forever...
That's for the twist in the plot. In addition comes a senior wanderer who supports the heroine with his great fighting skills who is haunted by own demons (Cho Kin).
The story has no suprise to offer and is nothing over average. Give 5.0 out of 10.0

Only interesting for people who want to learn more about histoy of the genre, some actors or Pan Lei's work - but definatly not a movie which can't be missed

(Sorry for my poor english expressions - That's why I nearly never make a review)