The Monkey King (2014)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2014-02-09
Summary: Stunning
Wow ! The budget on effects and 3D gimmicks was certainly well-spent. A full-on visual assault which clicks along at a fine pace, with just a few pauses. Donnie has a cracking good time in the title role, whilst Chow slums it and only has to look regal (at which, of course, he excels).

Having Donnie as lead actor and action choreographer of course guarantees action by the truckload, with plenty of thrills and a few spills. Much amusement too, as well as a few tears.

Not a faultless production, but it feels like carping to point out the generally hammy performances and occasional dips in the pace. Just relax and enjoy the ride. Terrific entertainment, doing well at pretty much everything Hong Kong cinema does best.

Will there be a sequel ? At least we know there are plenty more stories in the series.
Reviewer Score: 10