From Vegas to Macau (2014)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2014-02-16
Summary: GoG is back !
Hooray ! Card-flying and high-kicking madness is back. All the ingredients are here. Obsessed gamblers, extremely nasty villains, extremely silly humour, gorgeous women by the boatload, as well as a couple of comic fatties for balance. The usual nonsensical and choppy storyline that fails to even make internal sense is there as well.

Let's face it : Wong Jing is in no way an artiste. He tosses together a bunch of tried and true ingredients and shakes them up like an insane salad. Don't find his jokes funny ? No worries. Wait a couple of minutes, maximum, and there's a breathless high-octane action scene or fu-fighting set piece, or a bevy of bikini beauties will wander past.

FVTM comes across as an updated and somewhat inferior version of his action masterpiece of 20 years before, God Of Gamblers Return. But that still makes it great fun. A sequel soon, pretty pretty please.
Reviewer Score: 7