That Demon Within (2014)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2014-05-01
Summary: Watchable
Horror in HK inevitably means gore without scares, and TDW is no expection. People getting shot and blown up with blood everywhere.

I like Daniel Wu as an actor but, surprisingly for a movie which is so very much about his character, I found his performance flipped between wooden and hysterical. Given Dave's disturbed background, it could be argued that woodenness has some credibility, but I am only partly convinced. Also, something that is truly spooky is how much he resembles Buster Keaton !

As a crime thriller about a policeman under stress who is pushed towards crossing the line, TDW works pretty well. For spookiness, things take a hile to develop, but Dave's conversations with his dead father become both creepy and poignant.

Hon, as Dave's nemesis and the title character, is perhaps the main disappointment. Yes, he is a really vile and heartless villain, though he spares Dave because he saved his life with the blood transfusion. But he really doesn't get much of a look-in as That Demon Within. He's there, and offers to do the dirty work for Dave when Dave's courage falters, but given the at-times-impressive visuals and moodiness in the trailer, I expected rather more depth.

This is a very grim movie, so if you're feeling at all depressed, don't expect to leave the cinema whistling a happy tune.
Reviewer Score: 6