Hong Kong Playboys (1983)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2014-06-23
Summary: A surprising treat
While I enjoyed Fu Sheng’s fu films, I’ve never really understood why HK audiences adore this guy so much. Which is why I found HK Playboys such a surprise. Though I believe much of the credit should go to Wong Jing, there is no denying that HKP shows Fu Sheng to be a terrific comic talent.

Although he often goes too far, I’m a sucker for Wong Jing’s goofy confections, and HKP is a superbly designed vehicle for Fu Sheng to make a fool of himself. The support cast throw caution and care to the wind, with everyone apparently having a wow of a time. Patrick Tse and Nat Chan are excellent as the debonair Valentino and loudmouth slob turned ladykiller Iolanto.

Jing of course throws in a bevy of beauties, sassy and gorgeous. Stunning Cherie Chung has fun pretending to be a dowdy nurse, with of course no success. Jing keeps the jokes and insane story clipping along at a fast pace, even allowing Fu Sheng to perform some eye-popping gymnastics along the way.

Never dull, often hilarious, with some great action set-pieces towards the end, HKP is delightful and entertaining. Highly recommended.
Reviewer Score: 8