Sexy Playgirls (1973)
Reviewed by: Gaijin84 on 2015-02-09
Summary: Sexy Playgirls? Where?
Li Ching stars in Sexy Playgirls, a more dramatic than erotic film in the Shaw catalog of more titillating fare. Pei Pei (Ching) makes the fateful decision of sleeping with (and apparently marrying) her older, disfigured boss Mr. Jia (Lok Gung) in order to have him pay for leukemia treatment in America for her sister Shan Shan (Chen Ping). Unfortunately, Jia can only be aroused by watching from the shadows after he sends his chauffeur (Lam Wai-tiu in an early role) in to attempt to rape Pei Pei. She fends him off, but later Jia drugs her with special “love” alcohol and sleeps with her after she has passed out. She wakes to find him dead beside her, his partially disfigured and mangled face sending her over the edge and into the asylum for a period of time. Eventually Shan Shan returns from America, fully cured and happy to run around Hong Kong with her friends. Pei Pei has inherited Jia’s fortune, but stays home all day and listens to records by her favorite singer, Tao Sha (Chung Wa). Shan Shan finally manages to drag her sister out of the house for a surprise birthday party, where the main gift is a live performance by Tao Sha himself, who happens to be dating Shan Shan. This is evidently the last straw for Pei Pei, who feels that she has gotten the short end of the stick in the whole situation, having given up most of her life for her sister and paying the price with her own sanity. She conspires to steal Tao Shan from her through a series of underhanded tricks, but when it is obvious that Tao Shan has no feelings for her, she becomes more and more promiscuous and gives in entirely to her darker side, having a “love” alcohol-induced orgy with the chauffeur and four of his thug friends. When she can’t make Tao Sha jealous, she decides that the ultimate revenge is to disgrace her sister, and she hires the thugs to rape Shan Shan and make him witness it. He rushes to the scene to save her from the rapists and the insane Pei Pei.

Other than some brief frontal nudity from Chen Ping and some simulated sex during the orgy scene, there is not much to deem this an erotic film. It falls more into the drama/psychological thriller genre than erotic. Li Ching is quite good in her role as a woman slowly driven insane by her circumstances, but after awhile it starts to get implausible that no one around her can see that she is dangerous. Cheng Ping is quite attractive and sympathetic, while Chung Wa doesn’t do much other than look annoyed and confused. The “sex” scenes are filled with strange, creepy sounds effects and music and it reminded me more of parts from Rosemary’s Baby than erotic fare. A mediocre offering at best in the genre with a misleading title to boot.
Reviewer Score: 5