Flying Swords of Dragon Gate (2011)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2015-03-01
Summary: Lighten up, guys
Saw this one TV last night, and I concede much that the first two reviewers have. However, even a disappointing effort by HK's greatest director would be streets ahead of anything else.

Further, I found very little to disappoint. Although I missed the cinema 3D experience, I found it easy to visualize what it would have been like. Having watched a number of Chinese 3D wu'xia movies, I am familiar enough with the format to see what the filmmaker intended, and it was truly spectacular. Tsui has not lost his touch. Indeed, the more the technology improves, the better the use he makes of it.

Flat characterizations ? So what ? Most of my very favourite fu / actioners have little or none. They get in the way of the action.

I read no complaints about a simple plot. There is plenty going on here, and following the twists and turns took quite an effort. I was quite satisfied.

The women look great and, as in any good wu'xia, fight alongside the men as proud equals. With the changing sides and fast-paced action, it was sometimes difficult to tell them apart, but again, this is true of many wu'xia.

A pleasant surprise to read that the opening villain was indeed the great Gordon Liu.

Finally, I have seen the previous versions of Dragon Inn, and am quite happy to include FSoDG among them. Unmissable.
Reviewer Score: 9