The Anonymous Heroes (1971)
Reviewed by: Gaijin84 on 2016-01-13
Summary: The Iron Triangle comes through again...
A perennial Chang Cheh favorite, Anonymous Heroes focuses on two vagabond brothers, Meng Kang (David Chiang) and Tieh Hu (Ti Lung) who, in the search for fame and fortune, join a rebellion against a ruthless general. Used to shaking down local vendors for food and gambling away their funds, they are recruited by a local rebellion leader (Ku Feng) who promises them a glorious adventure. The rebels plan is to steal a huge cache of new rifles set to be delivered to the barracks of the province's army. With the help of a local lieutenant's daughter (Ching Li), their plan starts out well but inevitably leads towards a heroic but tragic finale.

Reviewer Score: 7