To Kill with Intrigue (1977)
Reviewed by: Gaijin84 on 2016-05-19
Summary: What could have been and thankfully wasn't...
Jackie Chan plays Hsiao Lei, a filial son bent on revenge in this Gu Long adaptation directed by Lo Wei. After his parents and almost entire family are wiped out by the Killer Bee clan, he is spared by the leader (Hsu Feng) who decides that his suffering throughout life is worse than death. Hsiao goes to find his spurned girlfriend Chin Chin (Yu Ling-Lung) who has taken up with his best friend Chen Chun (Sin Il-Ryong). In a case of mistaken identity, Hsiao is attacked by the Bloody Rain clan who were hired to kill Chen Chun for stealing the Dragon Escorts' treasure. Later, Hsiao is convinced to join the Dragon Escorts and accompanies them on their search for Chen Chun. They run across the Bloody Rain clan again who are looking for revenge from their previous encounter, but this time Ting Chan Yen (who has fallen in love with a seriously wounded Hsiao) and her Killer Bee clan comes to their aid and wipes out the Bloody Rain. While the Dragon Escorts are meeting their benefactor and explaining the loss of the treasure, Hsiao is kept in seclusion and healed by Ting Chan. Unfortunately, he is not allowed to leave until he is skilled enough to beat her in a fight, and each time he loses he is permanently disfigured. When he finally succeeds, he sets of to find Chen Chun and avenge the Dragon Escorts.

Expectedly complicated (as most Gu Long stories), To Kill With Intrigue is a decent wuxia film with above average choreography and the added benefit of a young Jackie Chan. Although not in the comedic-slanted role that he would become so well known for, his natural screen fighting ability shines through and lifts the film from mediocrity. Hsu Feng is also good as the Killer Bee leader who is bent on her own revenge but ends up falling for Jackie, even if she has a strange way of showing it. Not the best film, but good enough for Jackie fans to check out a path that might have been taken if he had not found his true calling a year later initially with Snake and Crane Arts of Shaolin and then in full with Drunken Master. Thank god he did.
Reviewer Score: 6