Blind Mountain (2007)
Reviewed by: Gaijin84 on 2017-01-24
Summary: Blood boiling drama...
Amazingly infuriating movie that feels more like a psychological horror film than a drama. Imagine being drugged and left in the middle of nowhere, with no money or ID and everyone around you is determined to keep you there. Absolutely nothing gets done unless a bribe is used, no matter how humane the request may be. Unfortunately for the protagonist, women have absolutely no use in the village other than to impregnate with hopefully a male child, or do menial farm work. If they try to escape across the rugged and mountainous terrain and are caught, they are beaten and raped. Even when help seems to arrive from outside, the locals overwhelm them and they are forced to leave. It's an incredibly frustrating film to watch, but very effective and depressing. The worst part is this happened a great deal in rural China in the aftermath of the single child policy.
The Story of Qui Ju is mentioned in reference to the culture of these dated farming villages in China, where morals are replaced with bribes and standards of decency are turned on their heads. To me it felt a great deal like the more recent "12 Years a Slave," where someone is ripped out of their normal life and placed in a hellish situation that is nearly impossible to get themselves out of, to no fault of their own.

It should be noted, there is an uncut version (Kino) at 103 minutes that has a different and less uplifting ending than the 98 minute cut (Deltamac) that was censored for Chinese release. Highly recommended with the caveat that it will grate your nerves and stick in your head for weeks.

Reviewer Score: 9