Incredible Shaolin Thunderkick (1982)
Reviewed by: Gaijin84 on 2017-06-08
Summary: Some of the best fights from Korean kung fu...
Incredible Shaolin Thunderkick is another Benny Tsui-led film that seems to be made at the same time as 7-Star Grand Mantis and Sandong Chinese Restaurant. Also starring Eagle Han, this one has Benny portraying a water vendor that gets mixed up with a local lord’s nephew and his thugs. He befriends a beggar (Eagle Han) who reluctantly teaches him kung fu. After the local goons kidnap his fiance, tie him to a tree and then smash his genitals into hamburger, he learns that their ultimate leader also killed his father, which tips the scales for all-out revenge. The beggar also has skin in the game as the leader killed his master and promotes the stolen style as his own.

Let’s face it, the plot doesn’t really matter, and the comedy should be left by the wayside as it is for the most part sophomoric (what is the obsession with people accidentally drinking urine?) and stupid. However, Incredible Shaolin Thunderkick is close to the pinnacle in Korean shapes kung fu that I’ve seen. I assume it is partly the work of Eagle Han as the action choreography, but the presence of such a group of talented martial artists is the real treat. Even without arguably the king of kickers, Hwang Jang Lee, the film has some of the best fights I’ve seen in a long while. I’ve never been a fan of Benny Tsui, but he is in top form here along with Eagle Han (who I am beginning to put on the same level as Hwang). The actor playing the arrogant young lord and the uncle himself are also both absolutely outstanding in their scenes. The choreography is top-notch and the speed, flexibility and power are among the best you’ll see. The ending of the final fight is a bit of a letdown, but otherwise you won’t be disappointed. Plot is a 2, fights are a 9.5.

Reviewer Score: 7