Duel of Ultimate Weapons (1983)
Reviewed by: Gaijin84 on 2017-06-28
Summary: Drunken Master it is not...
An orphan boy (Liu Hsiao-Tien) runs his adopted father’s wine business, but gets suckered by a roving beggar who sells groups of girls in towns and then later runs away with the money and the girls. In the meantime, a rogue martial arts master (Hwang Jang-lee) is travelling the countryside killing rival masters and taking their estates. When the beggar and the father realize they are next on the list, the father entrusts the son to the beggar’s care and requests that he is taught martial arts to eventually take revenge.
Again, typical plot and bad comedy. There are two films that are closely related, this is and the film released a year prior, “Dreadnaught Rivals.” Both revolve around the drunken beggar character of So Hwa-ja, similar in appearance and disposition to Simon Yuen’s classic Sam Seed/Drunken Master. The martial arts are relatively sloppy and poorly executed other than Hwang Jang-lee’s typical kicking mastery. The final fight is only 5 minutes and basically has Hwang kicking the crap out of the Liu until a bunch of tornado kicks by Liu that don’t land, and suddenly Hwang is baffled and gets dropped with the Korean-favorite double kick to the chest. Bad comedy, average choreography and a dreary, dismal landscape should knock this off of anyone’s to-watch list.

Reviewer Score: 3