Our Time Will Come (2017)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2017-07-12
Summary: Disappointing
The trailer promises an action-packed war epic. One of HK's top directors with a great cast and, apparently, a hefty budget.

The pace starts slowly. Scenes cut between a number of sets of characters with little apparent connection between. I waited and waited for the plot to gel, the threads to intertwine, and the action to pick up. While the story does eventually start to make sense, it was difficult to feel much for any of the characters, despite the amply-demonstrated threats to the foxes on the run.

There are honourable exceptions. Deannie Yip does her usual excellent work, and seems to have stopped aging about 20 years ago. And of course, Big Tony acquits himself well in the limited-though-important role of modern-day viewpoint character.

The lead actress is a major let-down. The pre-publicity builds her up as a guerrilla leader, which she kind-of eventually becomes. But the first half of OTWC spreads itself across a dozen characters, of whom Fong Lam fails to stand out, and her character develops only a little in the second half. Her Mum is the one who really proves her mettle.

I gave the 3 points mainly for watching a bunch of well-known reliables, without which OTWC would have been a waste of two-plus hours. One of Ann Hui's least successful outings.
Reviewer Score: 3