Rage of the Dragon (1980)
Reviewed by: Gaijin84 on 2017-11-01
Summary: Very good shapes from Dragon Lee and company...
Carter Wong crosses over to a South Korean production and stars with Dragon Lee and Martin Chui. Lee plays Lei Lung, the son of an antique dealer who is killed by a bandit during a deal with the father of Wong Kwok (Martin Chui). Kwok blames Lung and spends most of the movie trying to exact revenge. Meanwhile, another individual (Carter Wong) interested in antiques shows up and is searching for the piece that was lost during the murder. It turns out that Kwan (Carter Wong) is behind the murder and Lung must bring him and his crony to justice.

Rage of the Dragon actually has a pretty interesting plot and holds together as a murder mystery until the last ⅓ of the movie. All the main players are excellent in their fight scenes, using a mixture of excellent-looking styles like a modified Mantis for Dragon Lee, Crane for Chui and Dragon for Carter Wong. The choreography is very well done and strange sound effects are mixed in for the important moves and strikes. Definitely above-average and worth watching for fans of any of the three leads.

Note: The Godfrey Ho version cuts a few scenes between the female lead and Dragon Lee, but also inexplicably cuts a nice fight between Lee and some of Wong's henchmen before the final showdown.
Reviewer Score: 7