Dirty Ho (1979)
Reviewed by: ewaffle on 2018-04-16
Summary: Terrific action comedy
This is a terrific movie, an almost perfect example of Shaw Brothers kung fu comedy with two charismatic leads, extraordinary action choreography, some overly broad comic characters, Lo Lieh as a really bad bad guy and even Kara Hui in a bit part as a courtesan. In a scene in an antique shop--Gordon Liu Chia-Hui plays the 11th prince, possible heir to the throne and undercover as an antique jewelry dealer--everything is a martial arts challenge--sitting down, standing up, looking at Tang jade or Ming vases means countering an attack and then attacking. There is an excellent and innovative training sequence in which Wong Yu learns to keep his shoulders still while kicking or hitting by having a dish of molten wax balanced on each shoulder so that any extraneous movement causes painful burns. Both leads take their limited dramatic tasks in stride, Wang Yu as the hot-headed young thief who learns some restraint and patience--although not too much--and Liu Chia-Hui as the demanding, intense and passionate teacher.

At just a bit over an hour and a half (probably 90 minutes to the second without the truncatable first scene) it is just the right length with no scenes going on too long. “Dirty Ho” ends abruptly with a slightly out of nowhere freeze frame, not unlike many films of its genre. Highly recommended.
Reviewer Score: 9