The Yellow Killer (1972)
Reviewed by: Gaijin84 on 2018-05-31
Summary: Decent action offset by some disconcerting misogyny...
Pai Ying stars as an assassin who decides that his employer, Mr. Lo, is using him for the wrong reasons and wants to leave the murder-for-hire business. Lo can’t afford to have Chang (Ying) loose, so he tries to have him killed multiple times. Meanwhile, a cop (Paul Chun) who used to work with Chang in the police force is trying to track him down in order to take down Lo. Throw into the mix is Mai Fei (Li Hsiang), a beautiful woman whom Chang has fallen in love with and wants to settle down with and live a normal life.

Yellow Killer isn’t too bad a movie, it just gets a bit tiresome in places. It reminded me a bit of the classic The Killer, with some of the locations and assassination set ups. Action choreography is by the great Bruce Leung, but Pai Ying is more of a basher in these scenes, so the action is repetitive. There are some strange scenes that are never really explained, such as Chang’s penchant for violence during the middle of sex, seemingly from hallucinations. Li Hsiang’s character doesn’t seem to take offense to being punched and slapped for no reason, which I guess was a sign of the times in which this was made.

Reviewer Score: 6